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Electronic Power Control Part 1

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Author: Jean Pollefliet


With power electronics playing such a crucial role in every corner of our daily lives, we take for granted the growth and the variety of electrical devices - computers, smart-phones, and portable mulitmedia - and, hardly noticed by the consumer: power electronics is what the devices exist on. It is this awareness that tempted dr. Jean Pollefliet to compose several textbooks, this to provide in-depth assistance to students and professionals alike, to further their studies in the fields of power electronics.

Professor Pollefliet's textbooks on Electronic Power Control Volume 1 (Power Electronics) and Volume 2 (Electronic Motor Control) are both brilliant bases to gain insight and understanding in the theory and applications of power electronics for newer technologies.

These books are currently widely used in universities and technical colleges throughout Flanders and the Netherlands, while the English translations are available now in Europe and the USA.


"It is such a relief that this book was published. For years, I had to point students to several textbooks, as none of them was covering all the areas needed. I am very pleased to recommend this book to my students, as it covers very well the curriculum." - Prof. Marcian Cirstea HoD, Computing and Technology, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge


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Ondertitel Power Electronics
Auteur/Red. Nee
ISBN 9789038225258
NUR 950 - Technische wetenschappen algemeen
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Jaar 2015