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Author: Patrick Vanleene


The French marine fuseliers from Brittany who fought in Nieuwpoort, Flanders from 1915 onwards, were brisk and cheerful youngsters, sporting colourful sailors’uniforms. _ eir nicknames ‘Playboys of Brittany’ and ‘the Ladies with the red pompoms’ were quite misleading, for the marines had a reputation of cunning and fierce fighters. If these soldiers were remarkable and strikingly colourful, their ambulance driver was even more so: for Dorothie Feilding was an English lady, daughter of the Warwickshire Earl of Denbigh. A woman in the war was unheard of in those days, but she stayed in Flanders at the side of her marines until 1917, saving hundreds of lives under horrendous circumstances. Along the way Dorothie won not only their hearts, but the admiration of generals and kings as well.

Fearless. Dorothie Feilding’s War in Flanders, 1914-1917 is based on historical research of hitherto unpublished documents and war journals and illustrated by photographs taken by Dorothie Feilding herself.


Patrick Vanleene is a Belgian historian specialized in the history of the First World War and coordinator of the memorial ‘Nieuwpoort 1914-1918’.

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Ondertitel Lady Dorothie Feilding’s War in Flanders, 1914-1917
Auteur/Red. Nee
ISBN 9789038224824
NUR 688 - Vaderlandse geschiedenis
Pagina's 181
Editie -
Jaar 2015