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Sustainable working(en)

Using sustainable HRM as leverage for more engagement, happiness and health

    ?At New Year we wish each other happiness and good health, the most important things we could wish each other to have. Everyone aspires to happiness, including at work. Nobody wants a job that negatively impacts their health. Besides which, every organisation would prefer their employees to be engaged and enthusiastic in their work and doesn't want to be the cause of their workforce becoming ill or burning out.Curiously enough, these are precisely the elements that get low scores nowadays. Various European sources indicate that the percentage of happy employees is no greater than 51 %, that the level of engagement in average businesses reaches 30 % and this is causing our health to deteriorate. And as such, in an economic setting where we will have to work longer and more intensively. We will only succeed in working longer and more intensively if we start working 'differently', if the work context is designed 'differently' and if staff are managed 'differently'. It requires a 180 degree turn and in which the workforce will have to play its role. Thinking in terms of sustainability can offer insight and solutions to escape this impasse. This book firstly details a new theoretical framework in which the ‘Connection4Balance Model’ has been developed. Subsequently, job balancing and team balancing methodology were integrated to implement the model and drive a successful shift in working. The book is constructed from realistic stories making it a concrete and tangible whole. Biographically inspired, it strives to offer a framework for work and reflection for business leaders, personnel managers, and students and 'any working person' who dares to think innovatively and wants to contribute to raising the 'world of work' to a higher level.


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