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Strategy in Turbulent Times(en)

How to Design a Strategy That Is Robust and Future-Proof

    Companies face increasingly turbulent times. Economic and political uncertainty, sustainability developments, and competitors with new business models are just some issues that stretch companies' resilience and adaptability. Strategy in Turbulent Times presents a way of analyzing and fighting turbulent environments. Using four animal metaphors, the Camel, Salmon, Chameleon and Octopus, it shows you how to develop new strategies and how to implement them. It is up to you to discover which animal represents the appropriate turbulence strategy for your organization.


    'Strategy in Turbulent Times' is a wonderful and practical book, full of inspiring examples that examines how organizations can respond to turbulence. This excellent book is full of fresh ideas and practical advice. It deserves to be widely read and be on the shelf of every senior executive crafting their organisation's strategy.
    - Costas Markides | Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship | Holder of the Robert Bauman Chair in Strategic Leadership | London Business School

    Strategy in Turbulent Times provides a state of the art playbook for the tactics you can use to make sense of and respond to the forces of disruption in your industry.
    - Julian Birkinshaw | Vice Dean & Professor of Strategy | London Business School

    Kurt Verweire successfully explains how to understand and tackle a turbulent environment in this highly relevant book.
    - Marion Debruyne | Dean Vlerick Business School

    Kurt Verweire offers us practical insights. This is useful material for any manager seeking opportunities in what I like to call The Never Normal.
    - Peter Hinssen | Author | Keynote-speaker and Serial Entrepreneur

    Strategy and turbulence... two words that capture the essence of many companies' current transformation efforts. Much akin to a cyclist navigating a mountainous terrain, success lies in balancing the focus on the summit while acknowledging the significance of each pedal's stroke. Profits aren't assured, yet a steadfast strategy and unwavering execution significantly tip the scales toward success.
    - Erik Luts | Chief Innovation Officer KBC Group


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